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Spark your vitality to be well in the world today! 

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Ironic Wellness

Advocate - Coach - Motivator

It's Time TO spark your vitality!

Vitality is a high level of wellness described by some as exuberant physical strength, mental vigor and a purposeful existence.  Sparking your vitality is all about moving from a state of symptoms, pain and limitation into being aware, educated and growth oriented to achieve a high level of wellness. And, in the world today, being well is confusing often being well happens in the opposite way to what is expected and what we are told. Sparking viatlity means you are in the driver's seat, learning, integrating and applying the practices and techniques that work for you and what makes you unique. 

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Sunrise over Mountains
"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." 



Meet meagan

Hi, I`m Meagan O`Leary

As a coach, advocate and motivator, Meagan has learned from her own and her clients' experiences that the true and most successful path to health and wellness stems from self-empowerment and autonomy. She believes curiosity, motivation and resilience are essential for new behaviors to emerge and to be sustained. By embracing new knowledge, integrating perspectives and continuing to adapt, her clients discover their own unique path to achieve the ideal vision they have for their life.

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"You are so knowledgeable on so many things!!! Thank you for always being there for me!"
-Meagan's Client
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Coaching Programs

Approaches to meet your needs

Get started with keto and/or fasting

Explore modern technologies to hack your health

Create your own wellness Board of Directors 

Understand and achieve ideal wellness, for you

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